The Times are changing

It’s an interesting period in the history of The Times, according to their Community and Web Developer Editor Joanna Geary.

As Joanna points out, all media organizations are now online, regardless of what their previous platform was, and in an age where social media is rife, understanding how to serve the online community should therefore be high on a publication’s list of priorities.

According to Joanna, The Times, which is one of Britain’s longest established daily newspapers, has adapted to the modern world of journalism. In addition to having just launched what Joanna describes as “one of the best iPad apps for news“, The Times now also offers a 24/7 live customer service site, and is the only newspaper in the world to do so.

Joanna finds it strange that The Times is the only publication to offer such a service, and questions why publications don’t care about the people who care about them.  She believes that too many editors and reporters nowadays are out of touch with their readers, and that too often, the question they ask is “do we have the story”, rather than, “does anyone want the story?”.

According to Joanna, a publication should be focused on and dedicated to its readers, and ensure that it does everything in its power to build bridges between them and encourage their communication with one another.

After all, publications are now very much influenced by what Joanna describes as “the community formerly known as the audience“.

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